*NOTE: The medication form is reserved for ordering acute medication or if you do not have the NHS app to order online.

The NHS App is the best way to order repeat prescription. It is much quicker.

As a practice, we do not prescribe medication as 7 day prescriptions on repeat dispensing.

Patient Access

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Requesting Repeat Medication

Repeat Medications are requested electronically. There are several ways of doing this:

    • NHS APP (or other online provider such as ‘Patient Access’)
    • NHS Online/Website
    • Prescription Form on Swan Medical Group (SMG) website
    • Via your pharmacy – some pharmacies offer this service but not all- check with your pharmacy
    • Dropping it in to our team at any of our 5 sites (please note we are trying to reduce our paper flow where possible, so please try one of the above methods where possible, this helps reduce errors and is quicker)

    The simplest and easiest way of requesting repeat medication is to use the NHS App or NHS Online/Website. Information on accessing these can be found on the SMG Website – click on Prescriptions on our homepage, then NHS App or Website and it will show links to instructions, including video demonstrations.

    NHS App and NHS Online/website

    Once signed in, a list of your current repeat medication is visible. All you need do is tick the medication you require. There is an option of adding a comment for your GP surgery if required or this can be left blank.

    Prescription Form

    This is accessible on the SMG website (Above) but is aimed at those requesting medication that has been prescribed as an ‘acute’ medication or those without access to the NHS App or NHS Online.

    If completing the form, you need to fill in your name and date of birth, then complete the medication name, strength and quantity requested (hence much more time consuming than using the NHS App or NHS Online).

    Nominated Pharmacy

    You need to nominate a pharmacy that your prescriptions will be sent electronically to. This is very easy to change on the NHS App or NHS Online, or you can request a change using the Prescription Form, at the surgery, or at your pharmacy.

    Repeat Prescriptions versus Electronic Repeat Dispensing (ERD)/Batch Prescriptions

    Repeat Prescriptions and ERD are for medications that your GP prescribes on a regular basis. With ERD your GP sends a ‘batch’ of prescriptions to your pharmacy, usually for a 6 – 12-month period. Your pharmacy will provide these medicines every 1-2 months & advise you when you are down to your last prescription. At this point you will need to request a further batch.

    ERD removes the need for you to order your prescriptions every 1-2 months. Prior to a new batch being issued your GP may require you to attend the surgery for blood tests, blood pressure check or review, depending on your medication. You will be informed if this is the case.

    ERD is suitable for patients who are stable on medication & unlikely to have any changes to their repeat medication for the next 6-12 months. Certain medications are excluded, for example, Controlled Drugs. It is not suitable for everyone. If you are interested in ERD then do ask at the surgery – our medicines management team or your GP can discuss it with you.