Research at Swan Medical Group

Primary Care Research

The NHS Constitution states that Research is a core function of the NHS. Clinical Research is a major driver of innovation and central to NHS practice for maintaining and developing high standards of patient care. Ultimately, clinical research means patients get access to new treatments, interventions, and medicines. Investment in research means better, more cost-effective care for patients.

In 2006, the Department of Health set up The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to improve the health and wealth of the nation through Research. The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) was introduced to provide the infrastructure to the NHS to allow high quality research to be set up and delivered efficiently and effectively.

The Swan Medical Group are proud to be an active research surgery. We work in close partnership with Wessex Clinical Research Network , running multiple non-commercial clinical studies within the Surgery. Many of these studies are coordinated through Southampton University and the NIHR School of Primary Care Research .


What is Primary Care Research?

The CRN Primary Care speciality works in collaboration with researchers and primary care practitioners such as GPs’, practice nurses, pharmacists and dentists to promote the successful delivery of research studies in the NHS. A wide range of research studies are supported which look at:

  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle
  • Disease diagnosis and prevention
  • Management of long-term illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Prevention of future ill-health
  • Treating common conditions such as tonsillitis or influenza


What are the Benefits of GP practices taking part in research?

  1. It offers patients access to new treatments
  2. It brings new dimension to practice and added skills to those involved
  3. It provides national gold standard training for research
  4. It offers mentorship and support to those involved in research within practice


How can you help and take part?

There are various ways a patient can become involved in studies at Swan Medical Group.

  • A doctor or nurse may talk to you about a particular study and ask whether you would be interested in participating
  • You may be sent information through the post or via text if we feel you may be a suitable participant
  • You may read information about a current study in the patient waiting room or on the surgery website and wish to take part by contacting your GP or the Research Nurse (Lucy Clack)

All clinical research carried out at our surgeries is thoroughly checked and approved by ethical committees thus ensuring it is appropriate and safe to perform. Your participation is entirely voluntary and can be withdrawn by yourself at any time without any explanation required.

You are under no obligation to participate in any research project

Your care and your relationship with your doctor will not be affected in any way if you decided not to take part in a research study

You will always receive clear information about what taking part in a research study would involve. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and obtain further details about a study.

If you do agree to take part in a study, you will be asked to sign a consent form. This will clearly state which parts of your notes (if any) may be looked at for the purposes of the research study. Nobody from outside this practice will be given your contact details or have access to your medical records without your prior consent.


Research Team

Our research team is made up of our Lead Research GP Dr Anna Lalonde, GP Partner Dr Natalie Higham, Research Nurse Lucy Clack and Research administrator Giulia Villa.

Dr Anna Lalonde

Anna has been a GP for 20 Years and has been involved with research for approx. 10 years. Anna set up the research department at Liphook and Liss in 2010 and then took on Lucy to support her in 2016. Anna has worked for the Wessex CRN as a GP locality lead since 2014.
Dr Anna Lalonde Liphook Liss Surgery

Dr Natalie Higham

Natalie has been a GP for over 4 years and has been involved in research since qualifying. Natalie use to work for the Surrey, Kent and Sussex CRN as a GP Locality lead and now over sees the research from a partnership perspective within the Swan Medical Group.
Dr Natalie Higham Liphook Liss Surgery

Lucy Clack

Lucy Clack has been a nurse for over 20 years and involved with research for 16 years working as a research nurse in a large London teaching Hospital. Lucy has worked for the surgery (Liphook and Liss prior to the merge) for 7 years and has been heavily involved in carrying out research in the surgery and expanding the practices research portfolio.
Rapid Access Nurse Research Nurse Lucy Clack

Giulia Villa

Giulia has joined the team recently as an administrative assistant. Giulia has worked in the practice for nearly 4 years.


Currently recruiting studies

OPTIMISE 2– This trial will establish whether deprescribing common drugs that lower blood pressure is safe or effective in older people in the longer term (a year or more).

RELOAD – This study aims to develop a smartphone app that can predict whether someone with a coughing illness is likely to get worse by analysing breathing and speaking sounds.

DISCOVER ME – Nationwide commercial research study that aims to analyse health and genetic information on thousands of people, integrating their health care records (HER) data with genetic data to build models of disease risk and progression.

ATHENA (Shingles study) – Can amitriptyline prevent post-herpetic neuralgia?

Treat 2 Target – Study testing the clinical and cost effectiveness of using a goal-directed allopurinol based treat to target approach in people with recurrent gout flares. If you are interested, please get in touch with the study team at Keele Clinical Trials Unit on 01782 732950 or

TIGER –Trial of food allergy (IgE) tests for eczema relief.

RELIEF – RCT of a new relief inhaler in mild asthma. Replacing short acting beta agonist (SABA) inhaler and inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) vs New combined inhaler containing formoterol + ICS treatment.

COAT – Cellulitis Optimal Antibiotic Treatment. Assess whether lower limb cellulitis can safely be treated with 5 day course of antibiotics.


We also collaborate with the Royal College of General Practitioners Royal College of General Practitioners to help with disease surveillance, epidemiology and other research studies. Please check out their website for more information. We support the surveillance centre with swabbing for common circulating viruses so its possible if you contact the surgery about this you make be invited to take a swab.


Studies in follow up

We have many studies that are now closed to recruitment but are in their follow up phase. These include, ACTIVEBRAINSSAFERATTACKIMMUNE DEFENCESUMMIT-D


Studies coming to the surgery soon

The REFLEX study – Testing all patients living with type 2 diabetes for liver disease.

The PARC study –  Prescription Alerts for Reliever Inhalers in Children (PARC) Project.

Acne Care Online – An online programme aims to create and test online toolkit to support young people effectively treat their acne


If you have an enquiry regarding research at the surgery then please don’t hesitate to contact the research team at Please note this inbox is not monitored daily and if the matter is clinically urgent please contact the surgery by phone.

If you would like to opt out of receiving research invitations or NHS data sharing you can do so on the NHS Webiste
Dementia Research at