Patient Participation Group (PPG)


The SMG Patient Participation Group work voluntarily to provide a two-way communication between patients and staff and supports the practice in improving the service provided to patients. We aim to represent patient views and provide the means for patients to make positive constructive suggestions about the practice.

The PPG group consists of registered patients, Operations Manager and a GP. The group meet to suggest positive ideas and voice concerns usually every two months in the evening at one of our surgeries.

The aim of our PPG is to provide the following:

  • Provide an opportunity for patients to make positive and constructive suggestions/ideas about the practice
  • Work positively to help identify any problems and engage with the practice to seek solutions.
  • Liaise with the practice to provide practical support and to help patients take more responsibility for their own health.
  • Help the practice to deliver change.
  • Support the practice in its aim for excellence.

At the meeting of the PPG on the 7th Feb 2024, among other administrative matters the following items, which may be of interest to Swan Group patients, were discussed:

  • The Swan Group’s plans for dealing with increasing pressures on the 5 GP surgeries arising from increasing patient numbers, declining real terms funding and increasing patient demand. The plans include more paramedics, physios, pharmacists and physios together with a new telephone answering system with a ‘call back’ facility. The PPG agreed that, compared to many GP surgeries, the high scores of the Swan Medical Group in GP surveys were well deserved.
  • Further restrictions in the opening times of e-consult were announced. This was queried by the PPG but the increasing abuse of the system out of hours by some patients necessitated this change.
  • The next Health promotion event, focussing on child health and other associated subjects was discussed. It will be held on Saturday 27 April and full publicity to SMG patients will follow shortly.
  • A potential future event, focussing on a teach in on the use of digital health apps was discussed. Further events may be drawn from the increasing health needs shown in GP surveys.
  • Now that there are 5 surgeries in the Swan Medical Group, increasing the numbers of PPG members in proportion to patient numbers was agreed as a priority. More representatives from Liss and Liphook are the priority. Further details on the PPG page on the Swan website.

At the meeting of the PPG on the 17th Apr 2024, among other administrative matters, the following items, which may be of interest to Swan Group patients, were discussed:

  • Health Promotion Events.
    Final arrangements for the then forthcoming health promotion event at Liss Pavilion on 27 Apr. were discussed. The event has subsequentley happened and although not fully attended on the day by those booked in, was very well received by those that did, with lots of young parents in attendance.The PPG also discussed the topic for the next event, provisionally scheduled for mid to late September 2024. It was agreed that it would be useful to have a teach in for those patients wanting to make better use of digital services. More details to be arranged later in the year.
  • Surgery update
    The PPG heard encouraging news about the new phone system with its call back ability. Statistics will be available once it has been up and running for a few months.A medicines management team is being formed to improve medicine workflow. One reason for this is a recent NHS England decision to make primary care fully responsible for patient management which up till now has been shared between primary (GP surgeries) and secondary care (Hospitals). Patients affected will be sent explanatory letters.
    A number of PPG members sought reassurance that GPs would reach back to hospital consultants if needs be. Dr Cunliffe assured the PPG that this would be the case.


    Further improvements to telephone triage by way of medical support to the telephone team is being introduced.

  • Digitally excluded patients
    An ongoing concern of the PPG is for those patients who do not have access to digital devices and so might miss important messages from the Surgery. The Swan team outlined how patient’s records can now be flagged so that a Doctor, Nurse or other member of staff will be aware that they need to contact the patient by conventional means. The PPG encouraged Swan Medical Group to update as many patient records as needs be in this way.
  • EConsult
    The PPG Chair, who attended the regional PPG forum outlined how there had been quite a lot of criticism of the difficulty of using eConsult from other PPGs. The Hants and IoW care Board staff will follow this up with eConsult as they let the contract which Swan and other surgeries use. Swan staff confirmed that when patients fill in an eConsult feedback form it goes back to the company who make eConsult not to Swan Surgery. Swan staff also pointed out there is a ‘general advice’ option as an alternative to the complex triage menu.

In our aim to educate patients and develop self-help the PPG arrange health and awareness events once or twice a year, and to date we have covered:

  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Dementia
  • Carers support
  • Child/baby health
  • Stroke awareness
  • Heart health
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma, Eczema and Hay fever

Current Swan Medical Group PPG members (2024):

Brian Bartholomew (Swan Petersfield)
Ruth Bonner (Swan Petersfield)
Linda Collett (Liphook Village)
David Ford (Swan Petersfield)
Jenny Hance (Liss Surgery)
Ella de Jongh (Swan Petersfield)
Jenny de Jongh (Swan Petersfield)
Julia Maughan (Liss Surgery)
Sonia Meredith (Liphook Village)
Mike Peters (Swan Petersfield)
David Snelson (Swan Petersfield) Chair
Ann Tremain (Liphook Village)
Andrea Venn (Swan Petersfield) Minutes secretary
Peter Agnew
(Liphook Village) 

Patient Reference Group

We also have a Patient Reference Group (PRG) who we contact from time to time, usually by email but we can also contact you via post if necessary.

If you would like to join our PRG please contact the surgery for more information or send us an email to:

patient participation group