Build Your Own Wellness Toolbox

A Wellness Toolbox is a list of things you do, have done in the past or want to do in the future that keep you well.

You can write these down in a list, put them in a scrapbook or have them as a poster on your wall. You can even make yourself a box with these items in, but make sure you keep them somewhere with you so you will remember to do at least one thing from your box everyday.

Examples of things to go in your Wellness Toolbox:

  • A Gratitude Jar- write down what you are grateful for each day
  • Healthy Food – to nourish you
  • Movement – move your body in the way you like
  • Nature – getting outdoors
  • Hobbies – like drawing, puzzles, books or music
  • Talking to a friend – sending a text, calling or writing a letter
wellness toolbox